Vimma is your Santa Clause this Christmas!

And we are bringing a bag full of gifts for our influencers!

We at Vimma are feeling very festive this holiday season. That's why we decided to make Christmas come even sooner for some of you guys. So welcome to the 6 days of early Christmas with Vimma

Each day there will be a new gift available! On some of the days, everyone will be able to win everything! But we are keeping two very special gifts for two lucky winners on days close to Christmas day.


Stay tuned, as (some of) the gifts will be presented to you below in the form of a download. To get them, you'll just need to click on the image of the gift you want.

Make sure you check in every day to find out what our secret gift of the day is!

Merry Christmas!



P.S. You're gonna want to follow us on Instagram, as we will also announce the gifts there!

IG Story Downloads Carousel (1).jpg

Gift for everyone!

Gift for everyone!

Gift for everyone!


Gift for everyone!

1 lucky winner

Days until Christmas (6).jpg

1 lucky winner

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