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Connect with content creators and influencers interested in promoting your brand. 

Warm introductions to great creators

Get a free list of influencers  interested in your brand

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Tell Vimma what kind of creators you'd be open to work with, and receive a list of interested profiles ready to create content for you. 

How does it work?

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How can we help you?

We can connect you with a variety of influencers and content creators, eager to create branded content for you. They range from motivated nano-creators with only a few thousand followers to experienced professionals with millions of followers. 

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Just got mail from Vimma?

We frequently reach out to brands that our community of creators is interested in collaborating with. If you got an email from us, it is because some of our creators asked us to reach out to you! Interested to hear more? Book a call with us, we'd love to tell you more.   

Simple, easy, and free way to work with Influencers 



No complicated software, fees, markups or contracts. Just fill in one form and we send interested creators your way.

Vimma is free for brands

We support creators by taking care of their deal flow and helping them improve their business. We have over 36 000 creators using our software - and we are happy to connect you with the ones interested in your brand - completely free of charge and with no strings attached! 

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