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Real people.

Real influence.

This is PR 2.0!

We connect your brand to its real fans and facilitate word-of-mouth campaigns on our platform.


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Vimma helps brands to

find their voice online

Engaging real people to talk about brands on social media.

Find and engage hundreds or thousands of nano-influencers in just a few clicks!

Brand Credibility & Loyalty!

Nano-Influencers that have a real relationship with the brand or product, connecting with audiences on a deeper level.



Create a brief

 Set the demographics and outline how the

 content should look like.

Send it out

Our algorithms invite a critical mass of consumers and

nano-influencers to apply for your campaign.

Approve & run

Your brand fans are presented in the Vimma dashboard. 

press play, and they will post about your brand on social media.

Optimise results

Every single post is tracked and analysed.

see the results and re-engage your community consistently for optimised results!

Launch your campaign

Real people. Real influence.


Authentic Brand Engagement / Loyalty

Genuine relationships with real consumers

Real interactions driving revenue




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