How does Vimma contact brands for me?

In our Facebook Messenger program we are suggesting you almost daily collaboration opportunities, but we understand that sometimes these brands don’t fit your style or niche. That’s why we came up with this awesome feature where YOU can suggest which brands you would like to work with. 
All you need to do is go to Facebook Messenger, type in ‘Hey Ava’ and choose Contact Brands from the menu. It will lead you to our application form where you can fill in details of the brand, and also your details so we can update you once they get back to us.


How many brands can I suggest?

Members who are using our Free package are allowed to request one brand per month. However, if you have more than one brand on your mind, you should maybe consider our Premium membership. Our Premium users can request as many brands they’d like, as this is a part of our Premium Subscription package, among many other things.

Take a look at our membership levels here - and explore our Premium package if you’d like to upgrade and have no limits on getting your dream collaborations 💫


When will I hear back from the brand?

Once you request a certain brand, in the next couple of days we will be searching for contact details of the brand and check if they are interested in working with our influencers. Please be aware that if for any reason you don’t fit brands criteria (location, engagement rate, follower count etc) we will pass the opportunity to other influencers.

When it comes to getting a reply from the brand, unfortunately there is no rule. Some of the brands, especially smaller ones might reply immediately, while for the larger ones sometimes we wait even 15-20 days. 

If you are interested in knowing more how this part of the business works, you can read more about it here -


Still wondering? 🤔

If you're still unsure, ask our team on Messenger or write to us:

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