Frequently asked questions

Is Vimma free?

Yes, we have a free membership that is yours to enjoy, forever! Read more about this question here.

When will I hear back from the brands?

The response times of the brands can vary from anywhere from a few days to multiple weeks - sometimes even up to a month. Read more about this question here.

I haven't got any collaborations, what's wrong?

If it looks like multiple brands are choosing other creators over you, it might make sense to check up why is this happening. To start with, here are the most common selection criterias brands use to decide who they want to work with:

- Location
- Follower count - Engagement rate
- Niche
- Content quality

Each brand have their own criteria how they choose creators, but often we might be able to give you an indication why brands are skiping your profile. Check out more detailed information here!

How can I increase engagement rate / grow following?

When growing your engagement and following, the most important thing is that you yourself analyse and identify if the content you’ve been posting so far brings value to the audience.

Posting random photographs here and there, without any clear motive or message pointed towards your audience won’t yield any results for you. If your audience doesn’t see a benefit in following you - they will go away.
Also, growing your engagement & following is neatly tied to understanding the Instagram algorithm. To learn more about how to work with the algorithm, and what actions to perform to grow your account, go here.

Can you contact brands for me?

Yes! Contacting brands you’d wish to work with is a part of our Free and Premium package! Check out more detailed information here!

I want paid collaborations. What to do?

We currently coach hundreds of influencers on their transition from product exchange and commission based collaborations to fully paid work. The steps you need to take to start getting paid collabs vary depending on where you currently stand as an influencer, but most often you should pay attention to 3 things: - Your metrics (especially quantity and quality of your following, engagement and reach) - Your pitch - Your deal flow Read more about how to start landing paid work here!

I am not from US / Canada. Can I still apply for the collaborations?

Most of our collaboration opportunities are for the US and Canada influencers, but we’re always tending to connect you with the brands all over the world! If you have a specific brand you want to connect with from outside of the mentioned region, let us know and us here at Vimma, as your Talent Managers can contact them for you. Check out more detailed information here!

Which hashtags should I use?

Choosing a right hashtag can be a deciding factor that can affect your Instagram growth. Believe it or not, but hashtags are still alive and well - and you should use them. Steer clear from hashtags that are generic and have millions of posts under them. They are a waste of time and resources because your posts likely won’t appear on them because of their volume and popularity. Instead, use hashtags that are relevant to your Instagram niche and hashtags that your audience might be searching when they think about topics from your niche. Even then, there are things to consider and think of. To learn more about the right size of hashtags and where to find them, go here.

How Vimma works and who's Ava?

Vimma is building a software to serve Content Creators who are passionate about sharing their skills and interests on social media. Our Facebook Messenger program, Ava is designed to help you stand out even more on social media and being more noticeable to your followers but also to brands and outside audiences. Find out more about Ava and the way our service works here.

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