Is Vimma free to use? 

The Basic Membership of Vimma’s Talent Management Program is completely free for content creators to use. We are happy to help you find collaboration opportunities with brands and give you the basic advice on how to work on your profile and how you could ramp up your career as a content creator. 


We do have Premium features, but those are completely optional and directed to those who are looking for more growth and business opportunities. Take a look at our membership levels here.


How much does this cost? 

The Basic Membership of Vimma’s Talent Management Program is completely free for you to use, forever! Also, we do not take commissions or markups on your collaborations with brands. Your revenue is 100% yours to keep!

The Premium Membership is available for those creators who need more management. You can see our pricing for our Premium packages and features included here.


What does Vimma get out of helping me for free? 

We’ve noticed that content creators and influencers are often really alone building their business, and are lacking support and software to grow and thrive. For us, every influencer matters as the community is really a sum of its members! We learn valuable insights on every influencer’s individual journey, and that makes better at helping others in the community. This is why we gladly offer the basic Talent Management package for free. 

We do also offer paid Premium features for the users who are looking for more intensive growth and more help to monetising their audience. You can take a look at our Premium Membership and pricing here.


Still wondering? 🤔

If you're still unsure, ask our team on Messenger or write to us:


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