How is the algorithm related to growing my engagement & following?

At the end of the 2019, there had been new changes made to the algorithm. Now, Instagram favors accounts that do the following:


  • Create connections and relationships - the more you bond with people you share interests with, the more YOU will appear to them on their feed, and vice versa;

  • Discover interests of their audience - using the image recognition technology, Instagram will recognize the interests of the following lists, profile visits, posts likes. That's why by learning who your audience is, you will be able to show up more for them in their timeline;

  • Post when the audience is online - showing up on the platform at the right times will ensure your posts are seen and interacted with. Otherwise, how can your audience engage with you if they are not there to see your posts?


What actions should I perform to grow the engagement & following of my account?

Dedication is THE MOST IMPORTANT aspect of growing both your following and engagement! We recognized a long time ago that content creators struggle with these two things:


  • Finding the time to dedicate themselves to engaging with others;

  • Feeling lost on what to do when they do find time to be active on the platform.


That is the reason we created our entire Premium program. It covers everything from creating content, to millions of ways to strategically connect with your regular audience, other influencers, and brands.


You can learn how to successfully connect with them by using the Power Coaching feature as well as the Story Planner.


Power Coaching gives you daily engagement growing tasks that cover the 3 types of audience members you can have (regular people, influencers, brands) with the goal of growing your account in a healthy and monetizable way.


The Story Planner is a collection of well-performing Instagram story topics that convert well with the audience. They come either with a visual example or a template that you can use to build your own daily IG story.


All of these play a major role in growing your account. There isn’t a magic pill for a rapid Insta-growth. This is YOUR business, and every business takes its time to grow to where it wants to be.


We can help you with that, you don’t have to do it alone. Take a 7-day free trial and test it out yourself on Facebook Messenger.

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