Why am I not getting the collabs

The response times of the brands can vary from anywhere from a few days to multiple weeks - sometimes even up to a month. We do everything we can to get a quick response from the brand after sending them a list, please take a look at the next question to learn how we work behind the scenes to secure you the collaborations!


How Vimma connects creators with brands?

To give you a better understanding what's happening behind the scenes, here's how we work to secure you collaborations with brands:

We contact hundreds of brands every day for you, asking them if they'd be interested in collaborating with our influencers. Once a brand gets back to us confirming they'd be open to collaborate with micro-influencers, we present the opportunity to you in Messenger.

Once you tell Ava you’d be interested in working with the brand, we double check if the brand has given us any additional criteria about the influencers they’d like to work with. If your profile matches those criteria and everything looks good, we will add you to a list of profiles who’d be keen to work with the brand. We need to send brands longer lists of creators, as Marketing Managers are busy people and often wish to get a larger batch of influencers at one go - and sometimes collecting a list of interested people might take a few additional days. Once we have the list ready, we send it over to the brand for review.

After we email the list to the brand, they can select the people they want to work with. Sometimes brands take their time before selecting the influencers, but our team is constantly following up on the Marketing Managers until we get feedback. Once they’ve selected the creators, we prompt them to get in touch with you directly - at this point of the process you can expect them to email you or send you a DM!

You can see that there are a lot of steps involved behind the scenes, so sit back, let us handle it - and meanwhile sign up for some more collabs!

Why have I not heard back from the brands?

If you feel like you've been waiting already for a while to hear back from the brands, here are the most typical reasons why:

  1. Brand has not yet had a chance to take a look at your profile. Often the Marketing Managers we send your profiles to are busy bees and it takes time before they select the people to work with . The typical response times vary from a few days to multiple weeks. Take a look here to understand better how the entire process of securing you the collabs work!

  2. You have not matched the brand's criteria. Typically brands select content creators to work with based on their location, niche, engagement rate, follower count and content quality. Read more HERE to understand better why brands might not be choosing you!  

  3. Brand has not taken any action yet. Sometimes brands have changing priorities, and they might postpone or cancel campaigns, or decide not to work with influencers right now. This is really unfortunate, but they might contact you at a later stage so having you on the list is an advantage for the future.

If you are new to Vimma, we recommend that you sign up to multiple brands over few weeks before starting to worry why brands are not choosing you. If you suspect that brands are constantly choosing other creators over you, please read more HERE



Still wondering? 🤔

If you're still unsure, ask our team on Messenger or write to us: hello@vimma.ai

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