Want a collab with a brand? Here’s what you’ll need to do!

The Ultimate Guide by Vimma:

How to land a sponsored collaboration with your dream brand?

So you have set your eyes on a brand you want to work with. That’s great! We wrote a short guide for you to understand better how to make your dream collaboration happen. We at Vimma contact brands every day for creators and influencers of all sizes - so if you want to save the trouble, just sign up to our platform, we will do this for you.

1. Find a contact

First thing you need to do is find the right person to pitch to. Take a look at the brand’s website and see if they already have a contact form for blogger partnerships. You might also find an email address formulated “press@company.com”, “PRrequests@company.com” or similar - that’s a great starting point! If you do not find an email on the website, you should head to LinkedIn as your next step. Find the Social Media Marketing Manager or Influencer Marketing Manager of the company and send a contact request, explaining shortly why you’re interested in getting in touch.  


While this step might take some time, it is the most important one, as you really need to address your communication to the right person! Also remember, if you are not yet using our platform, we have made a handy tool where you can just input the brand you’d like to work with, and we’ll do the rest!

2. Pitch for a collaboration

Great, now you have the email address. Next thing you need to do is to write a compelling pitch! Your pitch should consist of the following elements:


  1. Your introduction 

  2. Connection with the brand

  3. Your ask

  4. What’s the benefit for the brand

  5. Call to action

  6. Link to your media kit 


In a nutshell, you should first introduce yourself, and showcase your strengths in a compelling way that makes the reader want to see what you have to offer. Also, make a personal connection to the brand, and explain why this would be a dream collaboration for you. Then move on to explaining what kind of collaboration you’d like to do, what you want in exchange for the promotion, and what’s in it for the brand. Finally, ask the brand to kindly get back to you, or forward your details to someone who could look into your request. It is also advisable to attach a media kit, if you have one (and if not, you should make one, as you can’t get too far as a professional content creator without one!)


We at Vimma help creators to get their pitch and media kit right, so if you are insecure how to proceed, just drop us a line at hello@vimma.ai and sign up to our app!

3. Send and follow up

Now is the time to press the Send button! However, the work is far from done. You often need to follow up 2-3 times before getting an answer and find a couple of different contact details before things start moving. So do not get discouraged if you do not get an answer immediately to your first email! 


If you still do not get an answer, I’d recommend you’d give Vimma a go. We contact hundreds of brands every week and we’re really good at it. And if you don’t manage to land you a collab with your dream brand, there’s other similar companies we can introduce you to, every single day!