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Want to collab with Shein? Here is what you'll need to do!

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Work with Shein

How to land a sponsored collaboration with Shein

So you have set your eyes on Shein to work with? That’s great! Read on how to get in touch with them, and what you actually need to do to land an influencer collaboration with Shein.

Step 1: Find out if you qualify to work with a brand like Shein

To assess whether your social media profiles meet Shein's standards, the easiest approach is to analyze the brand's profile on social media and identify the creators they are already collaborating with. If these influencers have much larger following or produce better content than you do, we suggest improving your profile before attempting to contact the brand.

If you are unsure where you stand as a creator, Vimma can help you. In Vimma’s Creator App you will get a free evaluation on your profile readiness for brands. And if you are not yet qualified to work with a world-class brands like Shein, you can find the tools and guidance to advance your profile on Vimma.

Step 2: Find out how Shein works with influencers and creators.

Before you initiate a contact with a brand like Shein, it is essential to do some research. Visit the brand's website to determine whether they have a section dedicated to press, media, or influencer applications. Check major creator platforms to see if there are any ongoing campaigns that you may be eligible for. Additionally, consider reaching out to fellow influencers who have collaborated with the brand and ask for advice on how they were able to secure a partnership. Most brands have established protocols for dealing with influencer relationships, and they may work with agencies and platforms. Although finding this information may require some effort, it will greatly enhance your chances of securing a collaboration.

For most brands, you can find this information in the Vimma app. Additionally, if we do not have the details on how to collaborate with the particular brand, we can reach out to them on your behalf. (Sign up to Vimma here)

Step 3: Dig up the right contact at Shein marketing department

If you have assessed that you’d be a good match for a social media collaboration with Shein and have researched how the brand typically engages with creators, the next step is to identify the right person to contact. This step may require some time, but it is crucial to address your communication to the correct person in the organization. Return to the Shein website and search for an email address designated for bloggers and influencers. If such an address is not available, consider searching for the brand's influencer marketing manager on LinkedIn. If you cannot find the right person, you can try sending a direct message on social media asking where to address your inquiry for an influencer collaboration. You can also try your luck with the email where the company handles general inquiries, and see if they can point you in the right direction!

Step 4: Craft a perfect email and send your Media Kit to Shein

After identifying the appropriate contact, the next step is to prepare your pitch and Media Kit: Write a business-savvy email highlighting your strengths as a creator and laying out a clear proposal of what you have to offer to Shein Add a link to your Media Kit and to your social profiles, and you’re good to go!

If you are new to pitching to brands, or you don’t have a Media Kit, we strongly recommend refining your skills in these areas before attempting to reach out to any brands. In the Vimma app you have the tools and guidance to develop your pitch template to brands, your Media Kit and Rate Card, and you will get feedback from a specialist before sending out your material to brands. This approach will help you enhance your professionalism and increase the likelihood of securing successful collaborations with brands.

Unsure how to find information about collaborating with Shein?

Still unsure what to do next? Feeling lost? The easiest way to find the details of how this brand works with content creators like yourself is to sign up to the Vimma App. Our Premium members can request collab details of any brand. We are already in touch with thousands of brands, and if we don’t have the details for this one, we will do our best to find the right point of contact for you.

How does the Vimma App work?

How Vimma Works.png

Vimma is the place for you to work your way up as an influencer:

  1. Check your chances of landing collaborations with brands

  2. Find the information on how to work with a specific brand

  3. Prepare your materials to pitch to brands: pitch, Media Kit and Rate Card,

  4. Get feedback from your dedicated Creator Specialist

  5. Work your way through levels, and improve your profile to qualify

  6. Browse daily collab opportunities with brands that work with creators on your level

Vimma has other brands similar to Shein that are actively looking for creators

You might be interested in those collabs too!

Besides finding contacts of brands you wish to work with, the Vimma app also provides you with daily collaboration opportunities with brands similar to Shein.

You can apply for collaborations every single day!

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