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Want to collab with Woof Gang Bakery? Here is what you'll need to do!


Work with Woof Gang Bakery

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How to land a sponsored collaboration with Woof Gang Bakery

So you have set your eyes on Woof Gang Bakery to work with? That’s great! Read on how to get in touch with them, and what you actually need to do to land an influencer collaboration with Woof Gang Bakery

Step 1: Find out if you qualify to work with a brand like Woof Gang Bakery

To make sure your social media meets Woof Gang Bakery's standards, start by looking at Woof Gang Bakery's own social media and the creators they partner with. If these influencers have a bigger following or create superior content, we’d recommend improving your profile before reaching out to the brand. Vimma App is here to help! Your Talent Manager Ava will give you all the tools necessary and guide you through how to improve your profile. Our team is here to support you every step of the way! Once you are confident your profile is a good fit for Woof Gang Bakery, it is time to move to the next step.

Step 2: Find out how Woof Gang Bakery works with influencers and creators.

Before you reach out to a brand like Woof Gang Bakery, doing research is key. Check the brand's website for press, media, or influencer sections. Look on creator platforms for ongoing campaigns you might qualify for. You should also connect with influencers who've worked with Woof Gang Bakery for advice. Brands often have set ways of working with influencers through agencies and platforms. While researching might take effort, it will increase your chances of landing a deal.

In the Vimma app, you can find this info for most brands. And if we lack the collaboration details, we can reach out to the brand on your behalf. (Download the Vimma on App Store here)

Step 3: Dig up the right contact at Woof Gang Bakery marketing department

Once you've established that collaboration with Woof Gang Bakery is a good fit and you've done your research for their existing creator programs and platform opportunities, the next move is finding the right person to reach out to. And we have to be honest - this step might take time, but it's essential for effective communication. Head back to Woof Gang Bakery's website and scout for an email for bloggers and influencers. If that's not available, look for the brand's influencer marketing manager on LinkedIn. If the right contact seems elusive, try a social media direct message asking for the correct inquiry address. You can also take a shot with the general inquiries email, asking for guidance to the right person!

Step 4: Craft a perfect email and send your Media Kit to Woof Gang Bakery

Once you've pinpointed the right contact at Woof Gang Bakery, it's time you write a polished email and assemble your Media Kit. Draft a professional email showcasing your creator strengths and a concise proposal for Woof Gang Bakery. Include links to your Media Kit and social profiles, and you're ready to hit send! If you're new to pitching for collabs, or lack a Media Kit, we can help you before contacting brands. In the Vimma App, you'll find tools and guidance to craft your pitch, create a compelling Media Kit and Rate Card, plus receive specialist help if you get stuck.

Unsure how to find information about collaborating with Woof Gang Bakery?

Still unsure what to do next? Feeling lost? The easiest route to find out how Woof Gang Bakery collaborates with creators like you is by joining Vimma’s Talent Management App. We are connected with numerous brands and our Premium members can ask for collaboration specifics from any brand.

How does the Vimma App work?


Vimma is the place for you to work your way up as an influencer:

  1.  Receive daily prompts to apply for different influencer opportunities

  2.  Find out which companies are hiring digital creators right now

  3.  Get information on how to collab with specific brands

  4.  Get your Media Kit and Rate Card done and have them conveniently stored together with your pitch

  5.  Receive tips and advice on how to grow your audience and improve your profile

Vimma has other brands similar to Woof Gang Bakery that are actively looking for creators

You might be interested in those collabs too!

Vimma’s Talent Management app provides you with daily collaboration opportunities with brands similar to Woof Gang Bakery. You’ll find new collaborations to apply for every single day!

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