Welcome to the 3rd day until Christmas!

And congrats on getting the free Lightroom presets!

Lightroom Mobile Preset manual for instaling

  1. Choose below any preset you want (you can get them all).

  2. It will start the download process.

  3. You will receive files in a zipped folder. You will need to unzip them.

  4. The unzipped files will contain images in .dng format. They will look like a regular picture.

  5. Open Lightroom on your phone.

  6. Create an Album called "Presets" (or however you want).

  7. Import the downloaded files there.

  8. Open the preset you want to try out.

  9. Click on the three dots in the right upper corner and choose "Copy Settings".

  10. Then, go to a photo you wish to apply the preset too.

  11. Open your preferred photo.

  12. Go again to the three dots in the right upper corner and choose "Paste Settings".

  13. Voila! You got your photo edited!

  14. Play around with settings if needed to reach the desired goal.

Autumn Preset optimized.jpg

Autumn Preset

Summer Preset

Sunset Preset

Winter Preset optimized.jpg

Winter Preset

Spring Preset

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