I'm not from North America, can I still get collabs?

No matter the location, follower count or engagement rate, we are always offering all of the collaborations to all of our influencers. And you can apply to all of them! When the brand receives the list of interested influencers, it’s up to them to decide on which influencers they would like to work with. In most cases, brands prefer to work with influencers who’s audience is localized in their targeted market, which in most cases is in North America.

If you are not from the US or Canada, but interested in connecting with a certain brand, please take a look at the next question!


Will you have more collabs for influencers outside of the US and Canada?

We are hoping to expand our region soon and to have collaborations from different regions to serve you better! Besides the United States and Canada, we are regularly providing occasional collaborations for the UK influencers too. Bear with us until we can dominate the collaborations all over the world together! ❤️

I’m not from North America, but I know a brand I want to work with!

Part of our Premium Membership is contacting brands for you! You can request multiple brands you would like to work with, give us the name and Instagram of the brand and we will contact them for you and check if they are interested in doing collaborations. 

If you are using the Free Vimma package you can request one brand per month. 

Take a look at our membership levels here - https://www.vimma.ai/pricing and explore our Premium package if you’d like to upgrade and have no limits on getting your dream collaborations!

If you are interested in this feature, check out how contacting brands for you works here!


Still wondering? 🤔

If you're still unsure, ask our team on Messenger or write to us: hello@vimma.ai

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