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Best Camera Tripods for Influencer Mobile Photography

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

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Camera tripods have become one of the most important parts of influencer gear in recent years. Not everyone has the ability to hire a professional photographer, especially those in the beginning stages of their content creation career. Nor do all influencers own a DSLR camera. That’s where camera tripods for influencer mobile photography come in.

Camera tripods are made to make your creation process easier. They allow you to rely solely on yourself, already available gear (aka your mobile phone), and your own photographic preferences. With the rise of millions of influencer niches, the need for different types of camera tripods arose too.

Nowadays, you can mostly group camera tripods into three categories:

  • Desktop camera tripods;

  • Travel camera tripods;

  • Full-size camera tripods.

Now, desktop camera tripods are perfect for those who create content behind the table. For example, coaches or makeup artists. It’s definitely useful for influencers who prefer indoor shooting at a set place. These desktop camera tripods are also great for anyone who goes live on any social media via their mobile phone.

Travel camera tripods are usually lightweight which makes them easily portable. That is a deal-breaker for, let’s say, travel bloggers or fitness coaches who like to shoot outside. You can rest assured that these tripods are stable enough to hold your mobile phone.

And, of course, full-size camera tripods are those that can extend to 55” or more. They are perfect for influencers and creators that need to have their entire bodies in the shot.

All this being said, camera tripods have become so versatile that some of them serve multiple purposes at the same time! You can find hybrids of desktop and travel camera tripods or even those that can extend to your height, but are also portable!

Based on all of this, we picked the best camera tripods for influencer mobile photography! Read on to discover more about it!

Best Camera Tripods for Influencer Mobile Photography

Great for: desktop + travel

The ULANZI Camera Tripod comes with a smartphone holder and a cold shoe mount. This feature is especially useful for bloggers that need to attach a microphone and/or a led light for a selfie or to fix brightness.

The mobile phone holder of this camera tripod is universal, meaning you can place multiple smartphones on it, like iPhones, Samsung Galaxy, Pixel, and more. Even a DSLR camera, which is normally heavier than a mobile phone.

It supports vertical and horizontal shooting, along with 180° rotation thanks to its rotating ball head allows.

And the most amazing feature of all is the flexibility. The octopus camera tripod can be used as a tripod or selfie stick! You can wrap the camera tripod around a multitude of surfaces, such as fences, lampposts, chairs, doorknobs, etc. So handy!

4.6 out of 5 stars

1,381 global ratings

Great for: desktop, travel, full-size

The UEGOGO Camera Tripod is one of those hybrid models that are amazing for desktop, travel, and full-size shooting.

This camera tripod resizes to a variety of sizes, from desktop to full size. It can hold phones in both portrait and landscape mode, which is super-crucial for influencer mobile photography.

It's very sturdy, easy to assemble, and comes with a great little carrying case. One of the accessories included is a little remote for hands-free mobile photos or videos. You just connect the remote to an app to take timed or hands-free media.

The camera tripod also features the ability to adjust the legs independently as most surfaces (especially outdoors) can be uneven.

4.5 out of 5 stars

2,891 global ratings

Great for: desktop, travel, full-size Extra points for auto-tracking camera powered by AI

This one is on the pricier side, but it is made specifically for influencers and content creators whose (future) livelihood depends on professionally produced content.

The Pivo Camera Tripod for Mobile functions as a personal cameraman of sorts. The product is powered by AI (artificial intelligence). That means it records your movements across space, whatever you do.

You can use Pivo's Face Tracking with third-party apps such as TikTok, Instagram, and WhatsApp, which makes it amazing for influencer mobile photography or videography!

The product comes with a camera tripod, mount, and case. It connects via Bluetooth and has the ability to track your face and body in action while zooming in and fixing the lightning. It offers 12 creative modes for shooting!

Overall amazing product for those creators that need more support with their content creation career.

GET IT HERE 4.6 out of 5 stars

117 global ratings

In conclusion

Whether you’re an experienced influencer or a beginner, tripods represent a necessity for the continuous creation of amazing content.

Camera tripods are perfect for influencer mobile photography as you can use existing gear (your phone) and rely completely on yourself to create mind-blowing photos and videos. You don’t ever have to beg someone to take a photo of you, because you can do it yourself! Plenty of these come with Bluetooth remotes that allow for hands-free shooting.

All in all - camera tripods are a great product to own if you’re someone who is serious about being an influencer or content creator.


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