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Creator Corner with Cleaning Corner

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

Welcome to another Creator Corner with Vimma! This time, we want to introduce you to a very special soul that creates magic with her Instagram account.

Meet Georgia Ward from @CleaningCorner! This lovely girl is rocking her content around one of the niches you might not have ever thought of - cleaning! And not only is she rocking it, but she's found a gap in the market that she's successfully filling in.

She'll share with us her tips and tricks of growing in a very specific niche, her first campaign, and how she benefits from using Ava, our virtual Talent Manager for influencers!

Hey Georgia! Lovely to have you with us. Can you share a bit about yourself to our audience?

Hey! As it's already been told, I am Georgia! I'm a 19-year old from the UK, and I run the cleaning Instagram account @cleaningcorner! Currently, I have 24.2k followers on IG, but I've been chatting with Ava, the virtual talent manager, since the time I had 17k! A big growth has happened since then.

We're so glad Ava's been a big help to you! What do you like the most about her?

I love the tips of growing my account. It has been really helpful. Receiving those short messages daily really makes me feel like I'm not alone at doing all of this influencer work. It can feel very lonely, so it is always good knowing there is someone I can reach out to you when I have a question about Instagram.

Thanks for those nice words! Now, we're so curious to know -why did you pick such a different, unique niche on Instagram? It's really rare, but amazing at the same time!

I love all things cleaning and home! I took an online course in interior design for a year which was amazing and it showed me and insight into exactly how to run an interior design business. This is something that pushed me to open this account and eventually, start posting about home and cleaning stuff.

Also, I would say my niche chose me rather than me choosing my niche. It all kind of fell into place. I was never one for cleaning until I started watching obsessive-compulsive cleaners on the TV and I was instantly hooked! Once I started cleaning and saw the rewarding benefits of living in a clean and organized space... I couldn’t stop. I’m so glad to have a space to share my tips and tricks with like-minded people.

When did you figure out you wanted to be an influencer? What drove you to it?

I started my page as a place to separate my personal account and all the hundreds of cleaning accounts I had begun to follow. I had no intention of posting but as soon as I did my first post and saw the response I got from people, it drove me to carry on and now I’m lucky enough to receive messages and comments every day that are so rewarding. I have always loved social media and all the analytics behind it, so to be able to work in social media would be amazing.

That is so inspiring to hear, thank you! Can you tell us what was your first campaign?

My first campaign was with Cif. I still remember receiving the email like it was yesterday, and thinking - why me? Around that time I had about 8k followers. I found the whole process of working with a brand to be really motivating as I had full control of making my own content.

With a couple of brand deals under your wing, what do you think brands look for the most when it comes to influencers?

I have found with a personal experience that brands look for influencers that take pride in what they post and those who you can clearly see put a lot of time and effort into there pages. I love seeing a feed that is well thought of and showcases the product clearly.

I also think brands look for influencers that have a real connection with their audience because you can have all the followers in the world, but if you don’t engage and generally care, you will not get very far.

Do you ever get too caught up with Instagram? How do you deal with that? 

Oh yeah. I have found Instagram to be such a rewarding place but for someone who is a perfectionist, you can always feel like your page isn't as good as it should be.

I think to a certain degree it's good to always challenge yourself to see how you can improve but it can very time-consuming when you feel like your page isn't "perfect". However, I've come to realize no page is perfect.

When speaking of curating your own IG feed, are there any apps you cannot live without? 

I love photo editing apps! Without them, I don’t know what I would do. My most-used apps would have to be: Over, Lightroom, Facetune, and VSCO.

P.S. Check out an article we wrote about 21 amazing photo-editing apps every influencer should try! You can find Georgia's recommendations there too.

Would you call yourself a full-time influencer?

As my account grows it is becoming a more full-time job, I currently run my page alongside helping with the admin side of the family business which is so rewarding. I hope to one day make my Instagram account my full-time job as I enjoy so many aspects of it.

Coolness! With that being said - what does a typical day in your week look like?

A typical day in my week consists of lots of planning! I love planning and writing out ideas. I have a notepad full of ideas that I would like to see on my page but besides the more paperwork side.

It takes a lot of time to take the pictures and videos themselves as lighting is key. I find myself adjusting a picture for ages to make sure it looks appealing.

After I've taken my pictures and videos, it goes through to editing which probably takes longer than the photo part.

Then I like to spend my time replying to all my messages and engaging with anyone that would like some advice or help.

Would you do anything differently if you were starting in your industry now?

I don’t think I would do much differently, every choice and decision I have made has helped me learn and grow into the account I am today. I’m a big believer in that everything happens for a reason. If I look back at my account and the pictures I used to take, I can see how far I've come and I think it’s important to be able to see your growth.

What do you feel is your biggest success story when it comes to Instagram? Why do you think it was a success?

My biggest success story would be seeing people message me showing me before and afters of products and techniques I have suggested. It’s crazy to me to think that something I have typed out and used in my house as made someone think to go out and purchase that product. I had one lady send me a video of her new flat and how she was going to clean it which I loved!

That's amazing! So you would say that your followers have interacted with you in such a positive way that it had left an impression on you?

I am so lucky to be sent the kindest messages. When people have told me that I have inspired them, it’s always amazing to hear. I appreciate every comment and message I receive. I love seeing pictures of people showing their followers a product they have brought because of me and I love seeing people using the checklists I have created around their homes.

We agree, seeing a positive response from followers is always a good sign that you're doing something right! Any advice to others on how to get started?

The advice I give to anyone who asks about starting an Instagram account is to always continue as long as you are happy. I started my account just having fun and even now it never feels like a chore, which I think is really important.

A lot of people start an account to become "insta-famous" and the reality is people can see straight through that.

We hope you enjoyed this little chat we had with Georgia from @CleaningCorner! Go give a follow to this lovely girl and check out our virtual talent manager for influencers, Ava!

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