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Why your next-door neighbour’s opinion matters

As authenticity and honesty is rising in importance, brands turn to nano-influencers to get their message and values across social media platforms. Nano-influencers have the greatest influence in their communities and the highest engagement rate compared to other influencer tiers. A brand cannot convince its consumer what it represents - it is actually what the consumer understands and shares about the brand.

A brand can grow awareness easily through nano-influencers because they are already producing engaging content that their followers have shown an interest in. This results in a massive and authentic word-of-mouth, driving ROI.

And why do Nano-Influencers have the highest engagement rate? Because they are the next-door neighbours that will give their honest opinion through one-on-one communication, showing their appreciation for their followers and loving the interaction all the way. As for the added value for brands, Engagement rate has a big impact on reach, and this directly impacts the rate at which an influencer’s followers will see a sponsored post. Furthermore, nano-influencers are more relevant for brands because they can share views or opinions that are category-specific and reach niche market opportunities.

Vimma’s mission is to transform Influencer Marketing by enabling brands to manage complex nano-influencer marketing campaigns and helping consumers spread their love and appreciation for the brand or product they are already using. Our nano-influencers are regular consumers with typically 500-5000 followers that genuinely like the brand or product.

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