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Top 5 Best Ring Lights for Influencers

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

This blog post may contain affiliate links. We may earn a small commission from your purchase, at no added expense to you.

For every seasoned and aspiring influencer, it is of utmost importance to have their content creation setup prepared. We all know how much effort goes into creating content - photographing, recording, editing, writing… you name it! It’s not just snap, snap, and post (at least not most of the time).

All this being said, we at Vimma also recognize that most of you out there are still at stages of breaking through the noise. That’s why we understand that your initial creator setup needs to be on the budget.

What we noticed as the biggest issue is finding time to shoot the content. Best photos and videos are recorded in the natural day light, because it lessens shadow and diffuses light evenly on the subject (aka you). Now, what happens when you work your regular job, and only have time to shoot at night? Well, a ring light can help with that.

To help you out, we created a list of the best:

  • ring lights for influencers

  • selfie ring lights

  • portable ring lights

  • budget ring lights

  • ring lights for photography

  • ring lights for social media (like TikTok or Instagram ring lights).

Check it out below!

Top 5 Best Ring Lights for Influencers

If you want to save a some money and invest in a good, budget ring light, then check out the AIXPI 10” Ring Light!

Thanks to it’s low price, this particular ring light is rightly named one of the best budget ring lights for influencers.

It has a wide range of adjustable lights, with three different lightning modes: yellow, white, and yellow-white mix.

It’s perfect for influencers who create tutorial videos or photographs.

The tripod has a 360° rotation, allowing for ideal angle lighting. It has a place for you to insert your smartphone, that can be in portrait or landscape shooting mode. It is chargeable through a USB, which means you can charge it via laptop, computer, or a power bank.

4.3 out of 5 stars

19,970 global ratings

Another great ring light that would be classified as the “best worth for your limited budget” would be UBeesize 10” Selfie Ring Light.

This ring light, called the best value ring in 2021, offers three light colors - cold, warm, and daylight. It can be short enough to stand on the table, and tall enough to fit your full height. With its three way headlight angle, it is perfect for selfies, recording tutorials and so on.

Unlike most ring lights, this one allows for the possibility to put the phone in front of the light to get the most out of it. Bluetooth remote control is great for taking pictures, so you don’t even have to touch your phone!

4.5 out of 5 stars

43,150 global ratings

Named the best portable ring light in 2021, the MACTREM LED Ring Light 6” offers a very lightweight design, which makes it easy to carry anywhere. This alone is perfect for influencers on the go, whose content depends on various locations and activities!

Although It is mainly used for macro photography, the timer makes it easy to do livestreams too. It can be used as a makeup ring light, for studios, hair tutorials… perfect for ambient shooting for sure!

The ring light has a 360 degree rotation that allows for angling that light the way you need it to.. It has a universal holder compatible with most smartphones. This fact makes it very popular among bloggers and content creators.

A bonus point for being eco-friendly, since It has energy saving LED beads, with zero UV radiation. The three lighting modes, with adjustable brightness will help you create a setting fitting to your aesthetics. Take videos at night, and selfies in dark surroundings without a worry. Definitely a great quality for a small device.

4.3 out of 5 stars

132 global ratings

Best clip-on ring light would be hands down go to Auxiwa Clip On Selfie Ring Light.

The three brightness levels will help you take great selfies in dark areas, or places with no natural light. Being a clip-on, its design is very practical, as you can take anywhere with you!

What influencers also like is that it comes with a sponge that keeps devices from scratches when you place the clip-on ring light on. It has multiple functions, amazing for both indoor and outdoor shooting.

The beautiful soft lights that it creates allow for a professional outcome of any media you create, photos or videos. This ring light is great for livestreaming too! It also comes with a manual and a charging cable.

4.3 out of 5

12,053 global ratings

If you can allow yourself to invest a bit more into your shooting setup, then the Neewer Ring Light Kit would be “the best price for quality” ring light

Ideal for photography and video recording, it helps you record amazing how-to videos or tutorials. By eliminating unwanted shadows and adjusting light intensity, it is perfect for vloggers and content creators in any niche..

The ring light comes with a mobile phone holder that allows you to shoot in both portrait and landscape mode. The two replaceable color filters - white and orange - help improve the look of your facial features.

With no UV or infrared light, it is also perfectly safe for the environment. Being made out of high-quality material that makes it sturdy, you don’t have to worry about dropping your camera or phone. Plus, it comes with a carrying case too, so you can bring it anywhere with you!

4.7 out of 5

48,107 global ratings

Still on the Fence? These are the Reasons to Get a Ring Light

If reading thoroughly through the listed specifications of the aforementioned ring lights is not your jam, then let us quickly tell you what the fuss is about. Read below why you should invest in a proper ring light if you’re an influencer.

Better selfies

For influencers, selfies are an inevitable part of their content creation. With a ring light, you’ll make sure the light is being properly cast on your face, resulting in a high quality self portrait.

Great for indoor recording

If your niche requires shooting indoors where there isn’t much natural light, a ring light can help deliver those settings for you. Even if indoor shots aren’t your main preference, it is good to have a tool at hand that can help provide the effect of natural light.

Shoot in dark settings

Sometimes content needs to be taken at night, or during the day where natural light isn’t cutting it. A ring light can help any camera not to strain itself to get enough light in a dark setting..

Outcome looks professional

You don’t want a pixelated photo, or to shoot a livestream, tutorial, or any kind of video where your face or object of recording is unrecognizable. It makes it look less professional, and you know that shouldn’t happen if your aim is to take your influencer career to the next level. So get a ring light.

Saves time

If you’re still at developing stages of your influencer career, then chances are you are still at your day job. That being said, sometimes your only time for shooting content can be after you’ve come home and done everything you needed to do there. A ring light will ensure your creator setup provides the same results both day and night.


If your content is created on the go, it is important that you get the same results wherever you are. Ring lights that are portable are a lifesaver for niches that constantly require different ambiance, surroundings, and settings.

So… To Ring Light or Not to Ring Light?

The answer is simple. Yes, get that ring light.

It doesn’t have to be the most expensive one on the list. Go according to your needs and budget. Just make sure to get one that will help you maintain consistency in the quality of content you create. You want your aesthetics to be on brand. By shedding an equal amount of light on the object of your shootings, you're ensuring that your content is top notch.

If you're still unsure should you get a ring light, or you have one that you don't know how to use - come talk to us.

At our Creator Clinics, we help influencers get their content creation and production in order. We discuss things like ring lights, aesthetics, brainstorming and organizing content, discovering your ideal niche, profiling your target audience, and so on.

Sign up to the Vimma app to schedule a call with us!


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