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Why to Use Lightroom Mobile Presets to Edit Photos for Instagram

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

This blog post may contain affiliate links. We may earn a small commission from your purchase, at no added expense to you.

If you're a content creator, aspiring blogger, or just an enthusiastic lover of a good-looking Instagram photo, you must have heard about Lightroom and Lightroom presets at least once in your lifetime. Adobe Lightroom was, and still is, all the rage amongst influencers that want to get that perfectly cohesive Instagram feed (which brands seem to look for a lot as a starting point for a collaboration).

Choosing the theme of your Instagram is a deciding factor of how you want your own brand to look like, and what kind of audience you want to attract.

That being said, Adobe Lightroom and presets offer a great solution to quickly and effectively editing your photos and giving your entire Instagram the perfect aesthetics that the majority of content creators strive for.

But first... What is Adobe Lightroom at all?

Adobe Lightroom is a photo-editing program that is a part of the Adobe software. It works very well with Adobe Photoshop, but for your needs of an Instagrammer - Lightroom will do just fine.

In this blog post, we will be covering the functionality of the FREE mobile Lightroom CC app that you can download from your App or Play store.

The desktop version is available with a subscription that starts at $9.99 and contains extraordinary features. However, the free mobile version is equipped with great features too! We suggest you first start with the free one, and if needed, check out the desktop software.

What is a Lightroom Preset then?

Simply put, Lightroom Presets are a combination of edits you make on a photo (changing the lightning, colors, sharpness, contrast, exposure, and so on), that you merge to create a filter, or in Adobe terms - a preset. You can store your presets within the app, and categorize them by names.

Why should you use Lightroom Presets?

Lightroom Presets are a crafty way of storing a beautiful edit and saving it as a filter, so you wouldn't have to manually edit a new photograph, but rather use a preset and apply the changes you want in just one click!

To put this visually to you, this is why you should use Lightroom Presets for your Instagram:

  • perfect for non-creatives or beginners that don't know how to edit;

  • save and store beautiful edits to use again;

  • save time editing photos (just one click);

  • get that cohesive Instagram look by applying the same or a similar preset to your photos;

  • preview how will your photos look like next to one another by applying the same preset to multiple photos in your Lightroom Home;

  • learning how to edit by exploring the editing panel.

Sounds perfect... but is it?

Lightroom presets are a major time-saver and can deliver the results you are looking for when it comes to a good-looking photo.

However, in full transparency, you should always know that not all presets will look the same on different photos. Why is that?

Here is an example:

In these two photos, you can see that the surroundings and other elements play a major role in how a preset is going to turn out. The first photo features a pink/bluish city backdrop, whereas the second one is a neighborhood backdrop with elements of white and green.

Although the pictures look pretty similar after the preset, please know that sometimes some photos just don't fully match together and that you might need to slightly adjust a preset to get perfect results.

This is why it is so important to pick a good Instagram theme and stick to it! That way you'll know what are the colors of your brand, and the repetitive elements, and how can you recreate different-looking images with a cohesive outcome!

You don't know how to edit... can you still use Lightroom and Presets?


For all non-creatives or beginners at photo editing, there are tons of already made presets available to you for purchase! Don't worry, there are a lot of them that are so affordable. You shouldn't need more than one bundle!

How to use Lightroom Mobile Presets that you have purchased online?

It's very simple, honestly!

You will most likely get a .ZIP folder that contains Presets in the .DNG format (that is Lightroom photo format). The .DNG is the only format that remembers the edits made to it, which is why you can't find a random JPEG image on the web and try to copy off the edits from there.

Steps to importing and using your mobile Lightroom Presets:

  • iPhone users will have to download an unzipping app (found in the App store) that will unlock the .ZIP folder you get. Android users most likely already have an in-built unzipping app. If not, you'll need to download one from your Play store.

  • Export the .DNG files (those are your Lightroom presets) and save them to your camera roll or Gallery;

  • Open your Lightroom;

  • Create a folder by the name of the Presets that you have purchased;

  • Add to that folder all the .DNG format Presets;

  • Open one of the presets of your choice;

  • Go to the three upper right​ dots and select the option "Create Preset";

  • Name the Preset;

  • Go back to your Lightroom homepage;

  • Add your photos;

  • Click on one to edit it;

  • Scroll the bottom menu to the right until you find a button that says "Presets";

  • Click on the button and select your Preset;

  • Voila - you did it!

Ready to get your own Mobile Lightroom Presets?

Here are some of the Lightroom Presets that we just adore:

These Lightroom mobile presets were perfectly designed for content creators and influencers to beautify their Instagram feeds. Get your feed looking aesthetically pleasing, professional, and ready for brand collaborations in just one click!

Adjusted to fit all your photography needs. Get rid of those dark shadows and bring out those beautiful colors and whites with this LR preset set. Designed especially for product images shot on a light background, flay lays, or to brighten those interior shots.

“Natural Lightroom Presets” is a collection of 20 premium lightroom presets, perfect for those who prefer that "no makeup" makeup look.


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