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8 Instagram mistakes to avoid making

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

These days, learning how to maneuver Instagram has become like rocket science. There are a billion active users on Instagram each month. Can you just imagine the number and type of content that goes onto that platform each day? The competition is getting tough, and only a few of them actually make the cut.

We at Vimma have decided to make things easier for you and compile a list of mistakes you should avoid making with your Instagram account. These are some basic, but very important things you should stop doing if you want to progress your account into a serious influencer business.

Read it up and share your thoughts in the comments!

Incohesive feed

This one might seem as obvious, but so many people tend to neglect it. 

Nowadays, aesthetically pleasing feed isn't only beneficial to your Instagram - it is a norm. When a person comes to your account, the first impression is truly a decisive point whether someone is going to follow you or not. There aren't that many chances after the potential follower leaves your account. At this point, that is where they convert the most. If what you have is an incohesive feed, there is a possibility you won't get that follow you desire to get.

For someone planning a career as an influencer, or for a brand that is trying to build their image, the impression your account gives out reflects how serious you are about your business. 

If you don't think this is that relevant, just check out your own following habits. When you go onto someone's profile, what makes you want to stick around? When you look at their posts, and overall account, does it bother you if things aren't "in order"?

Solution: Pick a theme. What feels most like you? Is it something minimalistic? What kinds of colors do you prefer? What kind of content are you planning on publishing? All these questions will bring you answers on how to decide what theme will perfectly describe you as an influencer (and as a brand of your own).

Not choosing a niche

We cannot put enough emphasis on this. Choosing a niche is one of the crucial points in deciding if someone is going to become your follower. 

Becoming a successful lifestyle Instagrammer was easier back in the day. Recently, people have been focusing heavily on Instagram's who talk about certain topics.

Why? Because you know what you can get out of them.

For example, imagine going into a dentist’s office to find the doctor giving you tips on how to treat your broken leg bone. That is not what you came for, right?

Plus, think of brands you wish to get sponsored by. If one minute you're talking about fashion, next about your dog, and then about your most embarrassing moment in sixth grade... How will brands know you're going to attract their target audience effectively?

Solution: discover what interests you the most and what you're best at. Then, make it your niche. Choose from markets such as travel, fashion, sports, motherhood, etc... Then, make it specific, as that is what makes a niche. For example, if you're interested in makeup, you can specialize in events makeup. Or, if you like fashion, you can opt for street fashion, or elegant dresses, etc. Do you get the gist?

Not posting strategically

The next Instagram mistake that costs you brand collaborations and follower numbers is not posting strategically.

You can have the most beautiful feed in the world and a very specific niche.

However, if you don't plan your posts to target burning questions your followers have about your niche, then your efforts won't be as effective.

Solution: always have an end goal in mind. Use your posts as a source of information about what interests and engages your audience the most. The more engaged the audience is, the more likely brands will acquire you as their own brand ambassador.

A person holding a smartphone with opened Instagarm account
Photo by Erik Lucatero on Unsplash

Not converting to a business/creator account

There are two major reasons why you are missing out if you haven't converted to a professional account yet.

Firstly: having a business or a creator account makes you look serious to brands. It shows you're taking your Instagram to the next level and that they can count on you to promote their product or service like a professional.

Secondly: business and creator accounts give you a statistic on what posts perform the best, your audience demographics, what is the best time to post, etc. Plus, with this kind of account, you can promote any story or picture and get a broader reach.

Solution: Convert to a business or creator account. Plain and simple.

Not using most of your bio

Your bio line is one of the most important things brands or a potential follower can see on your Instagram. Not using a bio line is a big mistake you're making with your account. Bio line is an opportunity for you to showcase in a few sentences what it is that you do. You have to be concise, precise and explain to everyone who you are. Putting random information such as that you're a dog lover while you’re running a fashion account is completely irrelevant. Brands, as well as your followers, want to really know the value can you provide for them. 

On the other hand, the bio line is one spot where you can place any clickable links on your profile. You can use it for your website, affiliate links, or any other form of URL's that can be useful to your profile. 

Solution: optimize your bio line to truly speak about what it is that you do and are about.

Not using videos on stories

Instagram stories have become an amazing place of connecting with your followers on a deeper level. This is where you can go outside the grid, and talk about topics that interest your followers but are (slightly) outside your niche. This is a place where they can really get to know you.

It is proven that video format brings more engagement and converts higher than other methods of interacting. Not using videos on stories is missing out on connecting with your followers and having them get to know you better.

Solution: we know it can be quite intimidating to go on there and talk in front of the camera. Try shooting yourself with a camera as a test run. This way you can get more accustomed, natural and relaxed with it.

A white  coffee cup with word hashtag on it
Photo by OhTilly on Unsplash

Not using (relevant) hashtags

No, hashtags are not dead yet. In fact, they are very much alive and crucial when it comes to getting exposure for your account. 

Now, it is important for you to figure out what hashtags are relevant to your niche.

Don't use the hashtag "love" if you're promoting healthy food. It doesn't make much sense and you're wasting a valuable hashtag spot. 

Here are a couple of hashtag-related things to pay attention to: 

- There is a limit of 30 hashtags. If you use more, Instagram will recognize you as spammy.

- Try finding those hashtags that don't have over 500,000 posts. Heavily used hashtags convert better for accounts with a large following.

- Use your Instagram name as a hashtag too. It is professional to brand your own hashtag.

Solution: Do research on what hashtags convert the best in your industry. Find influencers within a niche whose level of influence you aspire to reach. Take notes of what hashtags have they used in their beginning stages, up until the current posts. Then, try implementing those in your posts. Most importantly - give it time. Not all hashtags might work for you too.

A person holding a smartphone with turned on camera and showcasing Nike logo
Photo by Kristian Egelund on Unsplash

Not tagging brands

You should consider tagging brands for multiple reasons:

- It's a way for brands to discover you on Instagram;

- It's a way for brands to see who is endorsing their products or services and bringing them traffic and profit;

- It’s a way for your followers to get to know a brand if they don't know it;

- It's a way for your followers to easily access the brand and not have you respond millions of times on where did you get X or Z product.

Solution: start tagging them. No science there!


This is it! This is the list of mistakes you should avoid making with your Instagram account. You'll need to apply these if you're serious about bringing your "A" game. Now, these alone won't secure you with getting brand collaborations. These are mere basics every brand is looking for in influencers. And you should make sure you are on top of your tasks to become one they are looking for.

8 Instagram mistakes to avoid making with your Instagram account
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